Oskar Liset Pryds Hansen

Ecologist PhD, strongly interested in Rewilding and Biodiversity


I am interested in how biodiversity is structured in time and space, how rewilding affect biodiversity potential, and how biodiversity sampling intensity can increase through sensors.

Biodiversity patterns and drivers in a dynamic world

I am interested in how local and large scale drivers structure biodiversity in time and space.


Rewilding provide future perspectives to biodiversity conservation and restoration. Increasing ecological integrity, including trophic complexity is hypothesized to increase biodiversity potential. I am interested in developing methods for implementing and evaluating rewilding.

Automating Biodiversity sampling

Our ability to collect biodiversity data in time and space benefit hugely from emplying sensors like cameras. I am interested in utilizing AI methods like image classification and object detection to extract biodiversity and ecological data from sensor data.

Environmental DNA metabarcoding of cow dung reveals taxonomic and functional diversity of invertebrate assemblages

Eva Egelyng Sigsgaard, Kent Olsen, Morten D.D. Hansen, Oskar Liset Pryds Hansen, Toke Thomas Høye, Jens‐Christian Svenning, Philip Francis Thomsen. Molecular Ecology 2020

Deep learning and computer vision will transform entomology

Toke T. Høye, Johanna Ärje, Kim Bjerge, Oskar L. P. Hansen, Alexandros Iosifidis, Florian Leese, Hjalte M. R. Mann, Kristian Meissner, Claus Melvad, Jenni Raitoharju. biorxiv.org 2020

Highly variable impacts of feral horses on ecosystems worldwide

Sophie Monsarrat, Oskar Liset PrydsHansen, Jens-ChristianSvenning. Biological Conservation 2020

Multi‐taxon inventory reveals highly consistent biodiversity responses to ecospace variation

Ane Kirstine Brunbjerg, Hans Henrik Bruun, Lars Dalby, Aimée T. Classen, Camilla Fløjgaard, Tobias G. Frøslev, Oskar Liset Pryds Hansen, Toke Thomas Høye, Jesper Erenskjold Moeslund, Jens‐Christian Svenning, Rasmus Ejrnæs. Oikos 2020

Species‐level image classification with convolutional neural network enables insect identification from habitus images

Oskar L. P. Hansen, Jens‐Christian Svenning, Kent Olsen, Steen Dupont, Beulah H. Garner, Alexandros Iosifidis, Benjamin W. Price, Toke T. Høye. Ecology and Evolution 2019

Dataset available: DOI

Elevational variation of body size and reproductive traits in high-latitude wolf spiders (Araneae: Lycosidae)

Ameline, Camille; Hoye, Toke Thomas; Bowden, Joseph James; Hansen, Rikke Reisner; Hansen, Oskar Liset Pryds; Puzin, Charlene; Vernon, Philippe; Petillon, Julien. Polar Biology 41:12 p. 2561-2574, 2018

Elevation modulates how Arctic arthropod communities are structured along local environmental gradients

Høye, Toke T.; Bowden, Joseph J.; Hansen, Oskar L. P.; Hansen, Rikke R.; Henriksen, Thoger N.; Niebuhr, Andreas; Skytte, Mathias Groth. Polar Biology 41:8 p. 1555-1565, 2018

Drivers of inter-annual variation and long-term change in High-Arctic spider species abundances

Bowden, Joseph J.; Hansen, Oskar L. P.; Olsen, Kent; Schmidt, Niels M.; Høye, Toke T. Polar Biology 41:8 p. 1635-1649, 2018

High spatial variation in terrestrial arthropod species diversity and composition near the Greenland ice cap

Hansen, Rikke Reisner; Hansen, Oskar Liset Pryds; Bowden, Joseph James; Normand, Signe; Bay, Christian; Sørensen, Jesper Givskov; Høye, Toke Thomas. Polar Biology 39:12 p. 2263-2272, 2016

Meter scale variation in shrub dominance and soil moisture structure Arctic arthropod communities

Hansen, Rikke Reisner; Hansen, Oskar Liset Pryds; Bowden, Joseph James; Treier, Urs; Normand, Signe; Høye, Toke T. 7: e2224 2016 PeerJ